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ctbrec: "Version 2.2.0 of CTB Recorder is now available on…"

Ctbrec ctb recorder

How to record spy/private shows on chaturbate ? MacOS

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Updated default lubalincenter.com for CTBrec included in archive, works with server or standalone

Ctbrec ctbrec (@ctbrec@lubalincenter.com)


Ctbrec ctbrec (@ctbrec@lubalincenter.com)

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Ctbrec Download file

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Record webcam's streams? : DataHoarder

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RAW Paste Data Copied 09:14:58. NextGenLocalRecorder - Starting recording for model shinedollx 09:14:58. NextGenLocalRecorder - Downloading ctbrec MergedFfmpegHlsDownload 09:14:58. AbstractHlsDownload - shinedollx stream idx: -1 09:14:58. MergedFfmpegHlsDownload - Waiting for segment download thread pool to terminate for model shinedollx 09:14:58....

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